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Dear orienteering friends from all over the world,

The Neuchâtel Association of Orienteering (ANCO) is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2020 and offers a package of 5 competitions that hopefully you will be enjoying: the EGK Swiss 5 Days Orienteering 2021. 

Surely, many of you were entered for the 2020 event. For well-known reasons we had to postpone the races by a year. You may count on the organizing committee being back at work with enthusiasm. 

“There, where the lake and the mountains meet” [*], on the first ridge of the Swiss Jura mountains, on the green slopes or in the city, running long, middle or even sprint courses, the variety of orienteering events is guaranteed. 

At the same location you will be able to cheer on the runners racing three "sprint" competitions of the European Championships 2021. However, do not worry, the program also leaves enough time to explore the Jura-Trois Lacs region with all its rich cultural and touristic offers. 

Finally,with our vast experience as organizers of orienteering events and with your contribution, we will be offering a sustainable event in respect to our environment. 

ANCO, the city and the canton of Neuchâtel are delighted to welcome you to a week of athletic, touristic, cultural, and gastronimical highlights from which you will take home, we hope, only the best memories. 

Alain Juan
president of the organizing committee


[*] title of the book by Didier Burkhalter, former Federal Councillor



Dear orienteering friends,

Until May, the development of the Covid-19 pandemic remains unpredictable. The organizational environment should still be difficult as well as the conditions for travelling and the accommodation options for the participants. As it stands today the event would not be approved.

Therefore, the organizing committee decided to postpone the EGK Swiss 5 Days Orienteering competitions for another year. We want to keep the attractive concept of five stages over the Ascension weekend, that is from 25 to 29 May 2022. We received the official confirmation from Swiss Orienteering and the one from the local authorities is expected to follow soon.

The Organizing Committee

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Les Championnats d’Europe EOC 2021 sont, par contre, maintenus selon le programme prévu, mais sans spectateurs. Grâce aux technologies les plus modernes, vous pourrez néanmoins suivre des compétitions spectaculaires avec plus de cinq heures de retransmissions télévisées en direct.


Thank you for what you sent !